This week’s list of Trendsetters features a diverse group of artists, with notable mentions from Vine-turned-R&B artist Bazzi and up-and-coming rapper JayDaYoungan. These two artists have been seeing huge boosts in artist station adds each week as well as strong social media performances. Don’t miss the hype and take a listen to Bazzi and JayDaYoungan on Pandora today!

Bazzi March 5

Bazzi Brings the Heat!

Bazzi pulled double-duty this week making appearances on both our Trendsetters and Top Spins charts! The former Vine star has been in our Top 5 Trendsetters for five weeks in a row thanks to his breakout single “Mine,” which has led to over 13,000 artist station adds per week. His social media profiles have also experienced a boost with a 650% increase in Facebook page likes and a 100% increase in Instagram followers. Don’t sleep on Bazzi – he’s proving six  seconds of fame is not nearly enough!

JayDaYoungan March 5

JayDaYoungan Debuts at #18!

This week up-and-coming rapper JayDaYoungan proved his status with the recent release of his mixtape The Real Jumpman 23. The Louisiana-native has been gaining a lot of traction due to the mixtape’s standout hit “Muddy Situation,” which earned him over 3,200 artist station adds this week and led to a 200% lift in spins month on month. This Jumpman is definitely up to something!

Our Top 10 on the Trendsetters Chart gets a shake up this week thanks to the debut of Queen Naija at #2 and El De La Guitarra at #5! These artists started the year off with a spike after releasing new music in January and are reaping the benefits now. Check them out on Pandora today!

Queen Naija Feb 26

Bow Down to Queen Naija

You may recognize Queen Naija from her popular YouTube channel, but the Detroit-native has made the seamless transition to an R&B artist with the release of her single “Medicine.” “Medicine” dropped in January and the video for the song received over two million views in less than two weeks, earning Queen Naija a spot on not one but two Next Big Sound charts this week. She makes her debut on Trendsetters at #2 and Top Spins at #46 – not a bad week for this newcomer!    

El De La Guitarra Feb 26

Introducing El De La Guitarra!

Airing on the mysterious side, El De La Guitarra (“The One with the Guitar”) likes to keep his fans guessing. The Mexicali-native often covers his face in pictures with emojis and doesn’t reveal much information in interviews. He does, however, share plenty of music with his growing fanbase as shown by the release of two new albums in January. El De La Guitarra makes his Trendsetters debut this week after seeing over 9,500 artist station adds.  

Tennessee takes charge this week with two Memphis-based rappers making their debut on our Trendsetters Chart! Key Glock and BlocBoy JB are two rappers on the rise thanks to the support of big names in the industry. They’re all over our radar and they should be on yours too!  

Key Glock Feb 19

It’s Key Glock Season!

Nineteen-year old Key Glock is the protégé of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph and is currently signed to Paper Route Empire. He released his anticipated debut mixtape, Glock Season, last year and a brand new mixtape, Glock Bond, earlier this month, which helped him generate some exciting buzz. Key Glock makes his first Trendsetters appearance this week at #10 after seeing a 225% increase in Instagram followers and a 150% increase in both Twitter followers and Pandora artist station adds.

BlocBoy JB Feb 19

BlocBoy JB Experiences the Drake Effect!

Although BlocBoy JB has been rapping since he was ten years old, nothing could have prepared him for the attention that comes with collaborating with one of the biggest names in music today. The 21-year-old rapper released his collaboration with Drake “Look Alive,” last week and the Drake effect has been in full force ever since. This week compared to last week, BlocBoy JB saw a 125% lift in artist station adds and a 90% increase in track station adds, landing him a spot in our Top 20 Trendsetters this week.

Artists and musicians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using the unique tools within AMP. With the increasing popularity of stand-up specials and podcasts, comedians have also learned to harness the power of Artist Audio Messages (AAMs) to connect with their fans and grow their audiences. This week we spoke with Drew Miller, Head of Comedy Programming at Pandora, to get more insight into how comedians are finding success using AMP!

“Comedians have incredibly multi-hyphenated careers which makes AMP the perfect marketing tool for them. They can use AAMs to promote the latest episode of their podcast, or geo-target the messages to promote tour dates across the country,” explains Miller.

dan cummins circle

Case in point: Comedian Dan Cummins saw huge growth after running two separate AAMcampaigns to promote different projects of his. The first campaign promoted his Pandora exclusive album and included a personal voice message from Cummins as well as a link into Premium Access so fans could listen to the album. This proved to be highly effective with the message reaching 394K listeners with a click-through-rate over 5%, which                                                                         ultimately resulted in 13K clicks!

His second campaign focused efforts towards driving listeners to his podcast and had similar success. As outlined in a recent article highlighting comedy on Pandora, this particular campaign helped Cummins see a 300% increase in podcast downloads during the first month the AAM was live, jumping from 22K downloads to 88K downloads! Six months later, the podcast garnered almost a million downloads.  

As comedy grows on Pandora, comedians should follow Cummins’ lead and take advantage of the AMP tools they have at their disposal. As Miller states, “We’ve already seen great engagement on their Artist Audio Messages (comedians are professional talkers after all) and I’m really excited to get the platform into more of their hands.”

To get started using AMP, please click here.

This week we introduce two fresh faces to our Trendsetters Chart! Viral artist Layton Greene and emerging rap collective Shoreline Mafia both make their debut on our list. Take a listen to these young trendsetting artists on Pandora today!

Layton Greene Feb 12

Layton Greene Rolls in at #7! 

When 19-year-old Layton Greene uploaded her cover of Kodak Black’s “Roll in Peace,” she never anticipated that the short clip would go viral and launch her into a full-time career in music. In just two short months, the Illinois-native’s version of the song has racked up almost 10 million plays on SoundCloud and the song has earned a spot at #12 on Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs chart. With over 5,000 artist station adds in one week and her rendition of “Roll in Peace” approaching 600,000 weekly spins on Pandora, Layton Greene’s career is certainly off to a promising start!

Shoreline Mafia Feb 12

Shoreline Mafia Brings the West Coast Rap

The Los Angeles-based rap group Shoreline Mafia dropped their first full-length mixtape, ShorelineDoThatShit, last November and have been on the rise ever since! Their breakout hit “Musty” has been contributing to the group’s strong performance on Pandora, leading to around 3,800 artist stations adds and almost 750 track station adds each week. Although Shoreline Mafia’s fanbase is currently concentrated in Los Angeles, the group’s unique take on west coast hip hop has them earning fans all along the shoreline!

Making the Most of Your Artist Audio Messages

Now playing AAM

Artist Audio Messaging
is a unique, effective to
ol available to all artists using AMP, which allows you to speak directly to your fans as they interact with your music. These messages are a great way for you to share specific content and promotions with your fans, as well as provide them with an intimate window into your creative process. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most of Artist Audio Messages:

Be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the message

Letting fans know who is speaking at the beginning of the message is a great way to grab their attention and make them excited to hear what you have to say. Introduce yourself as you would in a normal conversation in your own style and voice.

Speak enthusiastically and sincerely

Artist Audio Messages aren’t advertisements. They’re personal, conversational soundbites that showcase your personality as an artist and make your fans feel as though they’re speaking to you one-to-one. Be sure to sound lively and energetic as you record your message – it makes a huge difference!  

View messages as a unique opportunity to connect with fans

When else can you give fans insight into your music right as they’re listening to it? Artist Audio Messages are a great opportunity to give an inside look into your creative process or what your songs means to you as you introduce them to listeners on Pandora.

Include call-to-action links

As fans listen to your message, they will be serviced with an image that can include a button with a call-to-action link. Even if your message isn’t encouraging a specific action, don’t let this space go unused! Instead, link to your artist website, social media profile, etc. to increase engagement with your fans. Be sure to tell your fans to “tap the screen,” so they know they can further interact with your message.

Share these messages on your social media platforms

All Artist Audio Messages that are not attached to a specific track come with an artist share URL that allows you to share the message across your social media profiles. Doing this brings more people to your Pandora station which ultimately means more listeners and more royalties!

For more detailed information on how to use the Artist Audio Messaging tool, please see the Artist Audio Messages user guide and product walkthrough videos here.

This week’s Trendsetters Chart is full of both new and familiar faces! Highlights include newcomer and rising rapper YBN NAHMIR, who makes his premiere in the Top 5, as well as the country quintet LANCO who have been steadily climbing up the chart for the past few months. Take a listen to these Trendsetters on Pandora today!


YBN NAHMIR Makes an Impressive Debut at #4!

It was only a few months ago that YBN NAHMIR shared his breakout hit “Rubbin Off The Paint” on Worldstar Hip Hop, a move that catapulted the 18-year-old to viral success. The video has over 86 million views on YouTube and the buzz led to a co-sign from Chris Brown as well as a remix of the song from Vince Staples. This is an impressive feat for the Birmingham teen who now has multiple record labels fighting to sign him and a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Move over Worldstar, YBN NAHMIR will soon be taking the whole world by storm!


LANCO Soars to #9 with Hallelujah Nights

LANCO is no stranger to our Trendsetters Chart. This is the 22nd straight week that the Tennessee-based country band has appeared on the chart. However, the release of their long-awaited first album Hallelujah Nights this month bumped them up five spots, bringing them into the Top 10. Hallelujah Nights also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Albums Chart, a accomplishment that hasn’t been achieved since Lady Antebellum released their debut album back in 2008. This buzz helped them see a 33% lift in artist station adds just in this past week!