Since we first introduced Featured Tracks in 2015, we’ve had a set of guidelines in place to make sure artists were using the tool for the right songs at the right time. As AMP evolves, we’re constantly reviewing these guidelines to make sure our recommended best practices continue to provide the best possible value for our partners.

We’re very happy to say that, in light of recent updates to our FT targeting science, we’re officially lifting the spin ceiling on Featured Tracks! Tracks will no longer be ineligible to be Featured if they exceed 1 million spins in a 7-day period.

This change, effective immediately, will greatly benefit artists wishing to Feature viral tracks, and will have no negative impact on Featured Tracks receiving less than 1 million spins per week.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or via the Intercom chat feature in AMP.


We’re very excited to announce the release the next wave of new features on Pandora AMP. These new innovations were carefully developed to make your artist marketing campaigns easier and more effective.

Starting today, AMP users with Publisher access to Artist Audio Messages and/or Featured Tracks can enjoy:

Custom Profile Photos: Found under the “Profile” tab of an artist page on AMP (desktop and mobile), use this tool to customize the default profile photo that appears within AMP and on Pandora’s web and mobile platforms. Available to all Publishers. More information here.

Promote Show: Found under the “Create Campaign” drop-down, use this tool to streamline the process for driving ticket sales with Artist Audio Messages. Available to all AAM Publishers. More information here.

Promote Single: Found under the “Create Campaign” drop-down, use this tool to customize a campaign that will optimally support your new music on Pandora. Available to all FT Publishers. More information here.

Featured Track Thumbs Chart: Found under Featured Track campaign analytics, this new chart will generate a graph depicting total thumb activity and thumbs up activity over time during the feature period for your track. Available to all FT Publishers.

This release coincides with the rollout of all-new targeting science for our core marketing tools, Artist Audio Messaging and Featured Tracks.


With the new targeting capabilities, you can now reach even more existing and potential fans at the perfect moment – when they’re listening to your music on Pandora. These improvements are both groundbreaking and unprecedented, and they benefit artists on every scale. For a detailed explanation of the evolution of AMP data science, check out this blog post from the team.

We will be hosting a video conference for all AMP users to discuss these new features and innovations. The conference will take place on Thursday, July 27 at 11:00am PT (2pm ET). To RSVP, click here.

Additionally, we’re happy to announce that all Artist Audio Messaging call to action button labels are now available in Spanish.


If you would like to access Spanish language CTA buttons or have any questions about the above, please reach out to or chat with us directly via the Intercom chat box in AMP.


As we make our way to New York City for A2iM Indie Week, we want to take a moment to do something special for our independent artist friends.

In order to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of Pandora right at your fingertips, we’ve put together the Artist Handbook. In this handbook, you’ll find everything you need to know about:

  • General Pandora
  • Content Delivery & Working with Distributors
  • Curation
  • Publishing
  • Royalties
  • Next Big Sound (NBS)
  • Artist Marketing Platform (AMP)
  • Resources available to you

Remember, our team is always available to you via or through the AMP Intercom chat feature. Additionally, we’ll always let you know when you’ll have the opportunity to meet with us in person at an upcoming event. Keep an eye on this blog to stay up to date.

Happy Indie Week!


Your friendly neighborhood AMP team is heading down to Nashville next week for the MusicBiz conference, and we can’t wait to see you there! We love meeting with you in person to talk about your experience with AMP and Next Big Sound and wouldn’t miss this opportunity to do so for the world.

Workshop: Connecting and Engaging in the World of Pandora Premium
Join the Pandora team for a look into the new world of Pandora Premium. Discover the marketing opportunities across all tiers of service, including Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) and analytics on Next Big Sound. Explore the unique opportunities available on Pandora and learn how to connect artists with their fans to increase reach and revenue.

5/15 – 5/17
AMP Lounge
Stop by the Sip N’ Savor lounge, sponsored by Pandora, where you can enjoy a one-on-one conversation about the tools and programs found on Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) and Next Big Sound. Learn how you can incorporate these free tools into the marketing campaigns for your upcoming releases and tours.

See you in Nashville!


It’s that wonderful time of year again, when we all start dreaming of BBQ and dusting off our cowboy boots.

SXSW is upon us, and Pandora is once more taking over The Gatsby on 6th St. for four full days of live music by the best up-and-coming artists around.

While the party rages on, the Pandora AMP team will be back stage in the AMP Lounge, meeting with artists, labels, managers and our other friends in the industry. We’ll be showing off the tools and programs on AMP, reviewing AMP best practices and even previewing some upcoming product updates. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

To book time with us in the AMP Lounge, reach out to your Pandora rep or email us.

See you in Austin!


Besides being talented, successful and red hot, what do Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Jason Aldean have in common? And what does newcomer Rob $tone have in common with those three superstars? They’re among the many talented artists who scored higher chart numbers on the iconic Billboard Hot 100 chart because of their Pandora audience. Good news for listeners and artists alike, as of this week, Pandora’s influential streaming data will be included in the Billboard Hot 100, the world’s preeminent songs chart. The Hot 100 ranks the week’s most popular songs across all genres, determined by a formula blending track sales, radio airplay and streaming, as measured by Nielsen Music. In addition, Pandora will also impact various streaming-based charts, and Hot 100 formula-based genre rankings such as Hot Country Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot Rock Songs and Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, among others. Over 70% of the first week’s charts are affected by Pandora’s data.

Pandora data positively impacts nearly 40 titles on the Billboard Hot 100, including nine songs that improve in rank by five or more places when compared to the chart absent of Pandora data. Among the titles showing such marked improvement thanks to Pandora plays are Rihanna’s “Sex with Me,” Jason Aldean’s “Any Ol’ Barstool,” and “Chill Bill” by Rob $tone featuring J.Davi$ and Spooks. The large percentage of songs on the charts affected by Pandora data shows how important it is for artists to engage with their fans on Pandora via Artist Marketing Platform (AMP). Also, while we’re talking charts, let’s not forget the Next Big Sound Charts for an even more in-depth look into trendsetters and artists predicted to be on the verge!

We’ve always known that our close to 80 million listeners were an amazing group, but now more than ever, they are making a difference to the careers of their favorite artists, and the artists are taking note. Once again proving that on Pandora, every spin counts.


We’re heading down to New Orleans for Ticketfly’s sixth annual Flycon summit!

The combined Pandora/Ticketfly team will be joined by hundreds of promoters, agents, and venue reps in the Big Easy where we’ll be discussing the challenges and innovations taking place in the world of live events. The AMP team will be among the revelers, sharing best practices for promoting tour dates and live events using the AMP suite of products and programs.

Did you know – Your AMP Activity Feed will automatically prompt you to create an Artist Audio Message to promote your shows at Ticketfly venues as you book them? We’ve even streamlined the message creation process to make it as quick and easy as possible to get the word out to your fans and sell tickets.

We’re hard at work with the Ticketfly team developing new strategies and best practices to maximize your efforts in live event promotion, and we can’t wait to see all there is to learn and discover at Flycon!

For more information on Flycon, visit