This week we are highlighting two Trendsetters who got by with a little help from their friends! Puerto Rican rapper Darell saw an impressive lift in his chart standings while Christian singer Cory Asbury makes his debut on our list. Check out these two talented guys on Pandora today!

Darell April 23

Darell is a Rapper on the Rise!

Darell is no stranger to our Trendsetters chart. After making strong appearances for the past 6 weeks straight, the Puerto Rican rapper saw a huge boost after Nicky Jam, Ozuna and Bad Bunny released a cover of “Te Bote,” Darell’s collaboration with Nio Garcia. This resulted in a 30% week-on-week increase in artist station adds on Pandora, which catapulted him into the top 10 this week with over 4,100 artist station adds.

Cory Asbury April 23

Cory Asbury Experiences the Bieber Effect! 

During the first weekend of Coachella, Justin Bieber lead a worship service for Indio’s festival goers. Among the worship songs on the setlist was Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love.” “Reckless Love” has already been a hit for Asbury’s as it was his first No. 1 song on the Hot Christian Songs chart, but the co-sign from Justin gave it the Bieber boost. Asbury saw a 20% lift in Pandora artist station adds week-on-week.

This week we celebrate the new and the old by shining a light on a Trendsetter who makes her debut this week and a group who makes their 40th appearance on the chart! Take a listen to Kali Uchis and Arsenal Efectivo on Pandora today!

Kali Uchis April 16

Introducing Kali Uchis!

Columbian-American singer Kali Uchis may be new to Trendsetters, but she is certainly not new to the scene. She has spent the past six years making a name for herself in the West Coast neo-soul scene and has even made previous appearances on Pandora’s Predictions chart. However, her debut album Isolation, which was named “Best New Music” by Pitchfork, has created a fresh buzz for Kali Uchis, including 3,500 artist station adds last week.

Arsenal Efectivo April 16

40 Weeks Strong for Arsenal Efectivo

Arsenal Efectivo continues to see success following the release of their 2017 album En La Fuga. This marks their 40th appearance on our Trendsetters chart, which highlights the growing popularity of California-tinged corridos. They call their dual-guitar and slap bass take on the genre “trap corridos.”

This week we are highlighting two rappers on the rise! Yella Beezy and Hobo Johnson both climb their way up our Trendsetters chart thanks to breakout hits and performances. Check them out on Pandora!

Yella Beezy April 9

Yella Beezy Moves Up Six

Yella Beezy dropped his latest mixtape Lite Work, Vol. 2 at the end of last year and has been creating a buzz ever since. The Dallas rapper moves up six spots on our list of Trendsetters with his breakout hit “One Up,” featuring a collaboration with former Trendsetter Lil Baby, gaining major traction. This sparked significant audience growth for Yella Beezy, including over 4,000 artist station adds.

Hobo Johnson April 9

Tiny Desk, Big Break

Self-proclaimed “sadboi hip-hop” rapper Hobo Johnson experienced first-hand the major effects a performance on Tiny Desk can have on an artist’s career – without even appearing on Tiny Desk! Instead, his submission video has gone viral and he has been seeing huge lifts on social media and Pandora. Hobo Johnson makes his Trendsetters debut at #6 with over 5,400 weekly artist station adds.

What better way to close out National Women’s History Month than by introducing two new women to our Trendsetters chart! Amara La Negra and Saweetie both make their debut on our list after seeing significant increases in artist station adds. Be sure to take a listen to these ladies on Pandora today!  

Amara La Negra April 2

Amara La Negra Debuts at #10

Following in the footsteps of Cardi B, who made her big break after appearing on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Miami-native Amara La Negra is hoping to do the same. The singer has been dubbed the “breakout star” of the Love & Hip-Hop: Miami and her latest releases, “What a Bam Bam,” a reggaeton take on Sister Nancy’s 1982 classic, and “Insecure,” the first official single off her upcoming debut album, are showcasing her serious potential. Amara La Negra has been seeing an increase in artist station adds of over 600% week on week and an increase in interactive plays of about 1,400%.

Saweetie April 2

Saweetie Joins the New Class of Female Rappers

Bay Area rapper Saweetie broke onto the scene last year with her viral hit “ICY GRL,” a freestyle over the beat of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” The video for the single has amassed over 25 million views and the rising rapper released her debut EP High Maintenance earlier this month. Following an exciting few months, including a performance on Pandora’s SXSW stage, Saweetie makes the jump from the Pandora Predictions to Trendsetters after gaining over 3,000 weekly artist station adds.

This week we welcome two newcomers to the Trendsetters Chart! The Band of Heathens and Gunna both make their Trendsetters debut after seeing some major spikes in their artist station adds and social media engagement. Keep your eyes peeled for these two rising artists!

The Band of Heathens March 26

American Idol Boosts The Band of Heathens!

Despite its up-and-down past, American Idol proved it is still has influential power by propelling The Band of Heathens to #5 on our list of Trendsetters. After a contestant won over the judges with his performance of their song “Hurricane,” the Austin-based rockers enjoyed a week-on-week increase in Pandora artist station adds of nearly 1,000 percent. The band also saw a 675% increase in Instagram followers and a 640% increase in Wikipedia page views week on week.  

Gunna March 26

Gunna Ushers in Drip Season

Thanks to Atlanta rapper Gunna, winter is officially over and drip season has begun. The 24-year-old recently dropped his latest mixtape Drip Season 3, which featured collaborations with Yung Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty and production credits from Metro Boomin and London on Da Track. The project led to a 250% increase in Twitter followers as well as a 350% lift in Instagram followers month on month for the young rapper. He’s also currently seeing over 3,300 Pandora artist station adds per week.

Following a successful SXSW-filled week, we are excited to shine a spotlight on a couple artists from this week’s Trendsetter’s chart. Mexicali-native El De La Guitarra continues his climb up the chart as he lands a spot at #2, while rising Puerto Rican rapper Darell makes his debut on the list. Take a listen to these artists on Pandora today!

El De La Guitarra March 19

El De La Guitarra is Movin’ On Up!

Emoji-masked guitarist and vocalist El De La Guitarra continues to make his way up the Trendsetters chart thanks to his cross-generational appeal. As a young artist playing corridos, a Mexican genre with a longstanding and rich history, he is winning over fans of all ages. El De La Guitarra has also been building a strong fanbase in Southern California. His massive popularity there has been the driving force behind his strong performance this week with over 50% of his Artist Station Adds coming from Golden State alone.  

Darell March 19

Introducing Darell!

Latin Trap rapper Darell may be new to our list of Trendsetters, but the Puerto Rican-native has been a steady force in the scene for some time. The genre had a surge in popularity in 2017, at which point Darell had been seeing steady growth of just under a thousand weekly Artist Station Adds. He debuts this week with almost 3,000 Artist Station Adds.

Exciting news! We have a new top Trendsetter this week as long-time chart leader Lil Skies graduates by moving up to the Mainstream artist stage. This week’s list is full of familiar faces who continue to impress and win over new fans. Don’t sleep on these artists – we’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about them soon!

Queen Naija March 12

Queen Naija Dethrones Lil Skies!

There’s a new #1 Trendsetter this week and it’s Queen Naija! The YouTube vlogger first appeared on our radar a couple of weeks ago and has been on the rise since! With her breakout hit “Medicine,” which is currently #58 on our Top Spins chart, Queen Naija has seeded over 75,000 artist station adds including 23,000 weekly station adds. This month she also gained almost 300,000 Instagram followers. Bow down to the Queen!   

Greta Van Fleet March 12

Even Elton John Loves Greta Van Fleet!

Greta Van Fleet is no stranger to our list of Trendsetters – this is their 29th week on the list! However, the Michigan-born rockers saw an extra boost this past week thanks to a shoutout from Elton John during a joint performance at an Oscar Party in Los Angeles this past Sunday. The Rocket Man called them “one of the biggest new bands of the year,” adding “They’re amazing, believe me. They blew me away.” This backing resulted in a 90% lift in Instagram followers, a 110% increase in YouTube subscribers week on week, and over 5,200 weekly artist station adds.